Our Principals

Practitioner and CEO

Tanushree Dabral

Tanushree has over 20 years of experience working across Australia, Asia and North America as a risk and compliance practitioner. She has led 1st and 2nd Line risk and compliance teams with coverage of multiple jurisdictions (including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China) and risk classes (including AML/CTF).

Tanushree's practitioner experience includes roles in-house with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac, National Australia Bank, Janus Henderson Investors, the Royal Bank of Canada and First Sentier Investors.

A traveller and a foodie.

Tanushree has a keen interest in exploring new cultures, having had the fortune to work in and visit many countries [personal goal of age < # of countries visited]. Her love of travel is only eclipsed by her love of food, what better way to learn about a culture than through their culinary traditions.

Practitioner and CEO

Jon O'Keeffe

Jon has decades of experience working across governance, risk and compliance in financial services bring a critical perspective to problem solving. Jon quickly develops trusted relationships to deliver sustainable and enduring outcomes and has fulfilled statutory roles as Director, Company Secretary and MLRO.

Jon's work to date spans Europe and Australia working with Securities Exchanges, institutional banks, fund managers and other issuers of financial products. Jon has worked with the Macquarie Group, Westpac Institutional Bank, First Sentier Investors and Janus Henderson.

Father first and foremost. Aspiring professional golfer second.

Outside of work, Jon is a father to two beautiful young daughters. When he has spare time (as if), you’ll find him hacking around the golf course, more interested in chatting than in the golf. Don’t get him started on politics… How long have you got!


PX Partners was founded following our experiences working in-house and seeing the clear need for practitioner experience.


Recognising the importance of Regulatory Technology in response to new obligations, we introduced KYD a solution for product issuers and distributors which takes the pain out of distributor monitoring and due diligence processes and saves all parties time and cost.


Listening to feedback on a wider need for practitioner experience, we have partnered with PX Resources and developed a network of on-demand practitioners.

On Going

All of this underpins our on-going commitment to PX for Good, where we believe that we have an imperative as a business to improve social outcomes in the communities that we serve.

Practitioner Network

Team Photo

We appreciate that challenges come in all shapes and sizes, where bespoke practitioner experience is needed for your specific needs. We work with a select group of experts to ensure that we have deep experience to support your needs.