What underpins our approach is that we are experienced practitioners ourselves. And we’re passionate about continuously exploring better together. Learn more about how we’ve helped clients here.



Technologies, business models, regulations and community expectations are constantly evolving. As a leader, it is critical that you have access to the right expertise at the right time.

pxEvolution provides you with bespoke governance, risk and compliance advisory services when you need them. As a team of practitioners rather than career consultants, PX Partners understands your commercial realities and how to embed change sustainably. Our leading expertise translates to meaningful insights based on a deep understanding of your business and objectives.

Our experience stretches from supporting firms through mergers and acquisitions, new products & channels, risk management framework design, conduct risk management, GRC system selection and implementation, governance frameworks, AML/CTF program design and implementation, regulatory affairs including investigations, regulatory change implementation and advisory for transformation programs.

With pxEvolution, PX Partners provides clients certainty by delivering the required outcome at a fixed price based on the agreed scope of work. Alternatively, in a dynamic environment where your needs are more fluid, PX Partners offers a more flexible ‘as needs’ model.  We keep our overheads low so that we provide a premium service at a competitive price.



Business has to be dynamic and adaptable to take advantage of opportunities. pxEveryday is a flexible outsourced GRC solution that caters to the changing needs of business.

pxEveryday is designed for firms to gain access to top tier, scalable GRC support without the cost and challenge that comes with retaining quality compliance professionals internally. The solution is designed for a range of firms – from new entrants and boutiques who need access to experienced GRC practitioners to make real life decisions without the cost and key person risk of a senior full-time hire, to larger firms to co-source with existing teams or support their CRO.

Only pay for the ongoing services you require and have the ability to dial up or dial down the support to meet your business objectives. Services include outsourced CRO / CCO, outsourced Company Secretarial, AML/CTF program implementation, operating a compliance framework (polices, training, licensing etc).

The PX Partners team have worked in senior governance, risk and compliance roles in the heavily regulated financial services sector and the pxEverday offering reflects this institutional-grade, real life practitioner experience.



How many ‘lines of defence’ does it take to change a lightbulb? We believe people are at the heart of leading governance, risk and compliance. Our approach to designing GRC functions and strategies recognises that if it doesn’t work for your people, it won’t work for business or customers. PX Partners use our direct practitioner experience to help you review and optimise your GRC functions and reset or recalibrate your risk management strategy. Contact us about GRC function design, risk management strategy review, risk appetite review and KRI design.




Our core purpose is to innovate governance, risk and compliance to benefit everyone. Our focus is on continuously exploring better together, which we do through;

  1. Introducing practical technology solutions to make it easier for you to meet your obligations. Our latest technology is Know Your Distributor (KYD). KYD is a complete solution for Australian Product Issuers and Distributors which takes the pain out of due diligence processes and reduces costs for all.
  2. Exploring the solutions currently in place which help you meet your GRC objectives. If we believe a solution is right for you, we will introduce you to technology providers that we like and help you implement your GRC systems.



PX Partners use lived experience as GRC practitioners to provide relevant, insightful and engaging training solutions for your Board, executives and teams. We deliver training through real conversations and scenarios that cut to the heart of what you need to know. Topics include conflicts management, promotion and mis-selling, conduct, compliant conversations, advice, Directors & Responsible Manager duties and Financial Crime.

We partner with our clients to provide timely and topical training which keeps pace with industry and regulatory changes. Pragmatic solutions delivered by practitioners.